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Toronto Summer Music Festival and Academy

For music aficionados, classical music has always been held in the highest regard, and its performance is considered by many to be the pinnacle of musical expression. For those who wish to enjoy classical music in all its glorious wonder, all roads lead to the Toronto Summer Music Festival. The Toronto Summer Music Festival is an international musical event that celebrates classical music in all its varied forms. More than just musical performances, the festival also offers many opportunities to enjoy and learn about classical music, by way of lectures and master classes chaired by some of the world’s most respected performers and instructors. But the high points of the festival are undoubtedly the musical performances. Boasting of some truly world-class talents, the concerts held during the Toronto Summer Music Festival are some of the most highly-regarded by those in the know about classical music. One of the organizers of the festival, Douglas McNabney, has described it as one of the most eagerly-awaited events in the Toronto cultural scene. Welcoming classical music aficionados and the general public to the event, McNabney emphasizes the festival’s role in developing relationships between artists and music. Given the track record of the previous Toronto Summer Music Festivals, every event promises to be something truly impressive. Each event features a variety of internationally famous musical artists as well as some of Canada’s most promising classical music performers in seven concerts at the Royal Conservatory and eleven concerts at the University of Toronto. All the performances should be extremely well-received by the public, and they definitely do their part in strengthening the city’s classical music legacy. The Toronto Summer Music Festival Academy is especially important for classical music performers, as it offers instructional opportunities essential to the development of a professional career in music. The academy offers a variety of instructional opportunities by way of the Chamber Music Institute, which is intended for string players and pianists, and the Art of Song, which was developed for singers and pianists. These programs culminate in a concert performance during the music festival, when program participants are given the opportunity to perform on stage alongside resident festival artists in a concert series called Fellows and Mentors.

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    March 15, 2018

    Filling a need, creating an oasis of music for Toronto in the summertime By Marlene Murphy When it comes to the Toronto Summer Music Festival, Eva Krangle has done just about everything from promoting events, to hosting performers, to mass-producing dozens of handmade gift baskets for the visiting artists. “We decided right from the outset that we wanted to make our musicians feel particularly welcome,” Mrs. Krangle explains. That led Mrs. Krangle, her husband and a group of friends to turn her dining room table into an assembly line. “We’d put in things like nuts and jujubes, get little cellophane bags, and get them all ready. I’d store them in our basement and whichever group was coming in, we’d load them into the car and off we’d go,” laughs Mrs. Krangle, who worked as a French immersion department head before her retirement. “It was fun.” Eva and Bill Krangle enjoying a concert at TSM 2012 Eva and Bill Krangle enjoying a concert at TSM 2012 Mrs. Krangle has been with the festival since its inception, and has been on the board of the non-profit organization throughout that time. During the year, her main focus is on fundraising, meeting with sponsors and encouraging others to come on board. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to help with less glamorous assignments during the festival.

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